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NEW PRODUCTS ON SALE: Fraternali maps (italian territory)




Fraternali map collection is distinguished for its hiking paths and outdoor leisure. With high level of detail, these maps are the perfect tool to enjoy the italian territory during your outdoor activities. 

Editorial Fraternali provides on behalf of CompeGPS the following topographic maps from Italian Alps:  

Map 1: Alta Valle Susa

Map 2: Alta Valle di Susa & Alta Val Chisone

Map 3: Val di Susa, Val Cenischia, Rocciamelone & Val Chisone

Map 4: Bassa Valle Susa, Musinè, Val Sangone & Collina di Rivoli 
Map 5: Val Germanasca & Val Chisone
Map 6: Pinerolese & Val Sangone
Map 7: Val pellice 

Map 8: Valli di Lanzo

Map 9: Valli di Lanzo, Canavese, La Mandria, Val Ceronda & Casternone

These maps are presented in 1:25.000 scale including accurate data with elevation contour lines, ways (from highways to footpaths), etc.

In order to display these maps using the 3D view, the user will need to download the elevation map of Italy (free download).


For further information: